Hospicash Insurance
Hospicash: Get daily cash upto 30 days, Max 7 days per hospitalization, Covid-19 protection, No medical checkups, No bills required and Protection for entire family.

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Hospicash Best Selling Insurance During Covid-19

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Covid-19 Protection

No Medical Checkups

No Bills Required

Protection For Family

Plans & Premium Chart

Plan 1

  • Daily Cash: Rs 2,000/-
  • Premium Start: Rs 2.2 per day
  • Total Premium: Rs 799/- + GST per year

Plan 2

  • Daily Cash: Rs 3,000/-
  • Premium Start: Rs 3.3 per day
  • Total Premium: Rs 1,199/- + GST per year

Plan 3

  • Daily Cash: Rs 5,000/-
  • Premium Start: Rs 5.5 per day
  • Total Premium: Rs 1999/- + GST per year

Best Reviews From Our Customers

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I got this insurance for myself, wife and my 2 kid amazing plan. Thanks InstantLoanOnline
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Thanks team for providing me hospicash insurance i recommend all to take the same
Self Employed
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Thanks Sir, Last year i got claim very easy this is mine 2nd year i am very happy with this insurance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Gives the customer a fixed amount (either Rs. 2,000/- or Rs. 3,000/- or Rs. 5,000/-) for each day of hospitalization
  • Customer will receive the fixed amount per day as per the policy
  • Maximum no. of days covered in a year is 30 days
  • Customer can claim the policy for 7 consecutive days
  • 1st day of hospitalisation is not counted

Hospitalization due to any of the following reasons is not covered under this policy:

    • Any hospitalization falling within the waiting period of 30 days. This is not applicable if the customer meets with an accident
    • Any hospitalization related to a pre-existing disease will not be covered for the first 24 months, as per the chosen plan
    • All the standard list of procedures and diseases (also known as named ailments) will be excluded for the first 24 months, as per the chosen plan
    • Any injury sustained while performing duty for the army, navy, airforce, paramilitary force, police or any such institutions
    • Any accidents that involves breach of law or has occured while being involved in any unlawful activity
    • Any hospitalization that is due to a disease of the organs of the generation, malignant disease of mammary gland, pregnancy, child birth, abortion, or miscarriage
    • Hospitalization for circumcision or strictures, vaccination, inoculation, sex change, beauty treatment of any description, intentional self injury, insanity, dissipation, or a nervous breakdown
    • Any medical examination or diagnostics, or hospitalization required if the customer has travelled for work
    • Any treatment by a family member, self medication, or any treatment that is not scientifically recognized
    • Hospitalization due to self-inflicted injury, attempt to suicide etc.

A pre existing disease refers to any condition, injury or ailment, that already exists when the customer buys this policy. All pre existing diseases will be covered only after 2 years from the date of policy purchase.

No, the policy does not cover maternity

Minimum age is 91 days and maximum age is 65 years 364 days.

No, the customer is not required to take any medical tests. Good health declaration has to be made, as has been provided in the policy proposal form.

No. The claim amount per day is fixed as per the policy purchased, at Rs 2,000/- or Rs 3,000/- or Rs 5,000/- per day. Total no. of days of claim possible in a year is 30 days. Any claim is subject to 1 day deductible. The maximum consecutive days for which claims will be paid is 7 consecutive days, again with 1 day deductible. The daily reimbursement amount will be a fixed amount as per the policy

No. of days of hospitalization is counted from the 2nd day of admission into a hospital. First day is not counted. It means that if the insured is hospitalized for 6 days, then he or she will only get reimbursed for 5 days

Definitely. Medical bills are not required at the time of the claim unless we notice some discrepancy in the customer’s declaration and the discharge summary. The customer can claim the full amount irrespective of his actual expenses, with one day deductible. If the customer’s policy coverage is Rs 2,000/day then, in this case, he gets 4 x Rs 2,000/- = Rs. 8,000/-

To file a claim for Health Insurance, the customer can contact CARE Health Insurance (Previously Religare)

Absolutely not. While the customer can claim the benefits of this policy on top of his existing personal or corporate health plan, he doesn’t need to have an existing policy to avail these benefits. The product is a valuable addition to an existing health cover or can be availed standalone.

The customer will get a 100% refund within the 15-day free-look period.

First 30 days for non-accidental hospitalization, 24 months for named ailments and pre-existing diseases (refer T&C for a detailed list)

It is not possible to reduce or increase the sum insured in the policy during the tenure of the policy. However, the customer can do it at the time of renewal. It is subject to terms and conditions of the policy

Yes, provided quarantine is in a government identified hospital ward.

The customer can add and remove family members at the time of renewal of the policy, but not during the tenure of the policy. However, he can buy separate policies for separate members of his family.

No, admission in the hospital due to pregnancy is not included in the policy

The customer can file a claim before being admitted to the hospital, while he is being treated at the hospital, or, post his discharge from the hospital. However, all claims must be filed within 30 days of an accident or hospitalization.

The customer can get the claim amount only after he is discharged from the hospital. To get the claim amount, he will need to submit the required documents; including a discharge summary. Once his claim is processed, the claim amount will be sent through NEFT payment to his bank account.

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